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Thursday, April 26th
Lawson Set To Tour In May
For those of you who have not yet heard of Lawson, or their soon to be hit single 'When She Was Mine', don't worry you soon will. This is the band of four from all across the UK with a slightly different background to how they formed. The band, made up of Andy (Guitar), Joel (Lead Guitar), Adam (Drums) and Ryan (Bass).

Together they began life in 2009 (this bit gets confusing!) when Adam contacted Andy, who had been posting acoustic covers on YouTube to ever increasing views, to say ‘I love what you’re doing, if you ever form a band can I be in it?’ And so they formed a band…. Adam contacted his friend Ryan who in turn recruited his music college buddy Joel, and the foursome soon got stuck in, rehearsing and gigging like men possessed.

Fast forward 3 years and Lawson, who signed to Polydor in autumn last year, are formidable live and have built an active and passionate fanbase – they sold out their debut headline tour in January, incredible for a band who have yet to release a single, with shows being sold out in under 10 minutes, they seem to be generating a huge fan base.
Lawson’s live progress has been honed in front of some huge audiences; they have twice been on support tours with The Wanted, most recently last month’s arena tour, and also have supported Avril Lavigne and Will Young.

The band has now released their debut single 'When She Was Mine' which is set to be a huge hit into the music industry. The new upcoming tour in May means Lawson will be touring once again to places like London, Birmingham, Sheffield, Glasgow, Leeds and Nottingham.
A heads up now, if you don’t already have your tickets, or have not heard their new single; this band is an absolute must!
MUSIC | UPDATED BY: TSM TEAM (Images - Alex Lake)



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